It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire

TO succeed, a Quality push must engage the enthusiasm of the entire team; as Team Leader, you must create the right atmosphere for this to happen. Many aspects of team building can be addressed while Quality remains the focus.

You must create the environment where each team member feels totally free to express an idea or concern and this can only be done if there is no stigma attached to being incorrect. No idea is wrong - merely non-optimal. In each suggestion there is at least a thread of gold and someone should point it out and, if possible, build upon it. Any behaviour which seeks laughter at the expense of others must be swiftly reprimanded.

Mr. Amartya SinhaFounder / Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Nutan SinhaIndependent Business Owner

Ms. Richa RajMarketing Advisor

Mr. Apavayan SinhaMobile Application Developer

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